Monsters Coins Box

Introduction: Monsters Coins Box

hi guys, am so bad at keeping money so I started to think about ways to not spend more and this is what I came out with
its so scary I don't dare touch it (and others can't too)
and its so fun for kids to play feed the monster or you will dye Mohahaha!!

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Step 1: What We'll Need??

all what we need is :
a bottle
some black and red colour (or whatever you like)
news paper
a pencil
and a knife

Step 2: The Paper Pule

first of all we are going to make the paper pule cause its going to take some time but its so easy all what will we do is:
1-cut some news paper into pieces
2- put them in the water for 1day
3-bring them out and put some glue and start to kneed it till it began to be soft and flexible to use

Step 3: The Wings

for the wings draw 2 wings something like dragon wings or something anyway here we are going to use some of the paper pule to make the monster scales pop out from the wings

Step 4:

using the paper pule make the eyes,mouth and tongue and be creative here to make your monster terrorist and cute
and then cover the bottle with glue and news paper pieces ( remember not to cover the moth and wings holes)

Step 5: Coloring

now colour every thing and put the wings into there places left it to dry and here we go your monster coins box

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