Motorcycle Cake


Introduction: Motorcycle Cake

I worked all night to make this Motorcycle cake for my 3 year old as a last min thought.
It is carved out of store bought pound cake, gumdrops for the lights, store bought cookies and drinking straws for handle bars. I covered the straws in foil to give them that chrome look.
It was 3 am when I finished. Our small dog had been watching me make it all night, so I made sure she wouldn't jump up and eat the cake before we got up in just a few hours I tucked her in bed with me and closed the door. The birthday boy came crying into the room for some reason and I was so out of it I moved over and let him sleep in bed with me. (didn't even think about the door) 
The dog had helped herself to a back wheel cookie :( Giving the dog any credit is hard, but she did such a good job of sneaking it out no one noticed  tell I pointed it out.
Photo shown is prior to the dog getting her part :)

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