Introduction: Motorlift

I made this motorlift with the plans i got from a friend.
For mine i changed it a bit , mine is longer and higher than shown in the plans.
It can easily lift my motorbike which ways about 170 kilo.
I also use it a lot as an extra workbench.

Step 1: Floor and Arms

The thickness of the steel is 2mm ,only the two bars between the arms are thicker.
Don't forget to put the unwelded arms in place before you weld them.

Step 2: Tabletop

I have painted the wooden top white for more light reflection.

Step 3: Securing

Securing the table can be done in different ways .
This is how i did it.



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    Great Instructable! It looks very sturdy! How much did it cost you to build it?

    Good post!

    What is the tube inside a tube shown in the second drawing? I don't see it on picture #1.

    1 reply

    Thats how it was on the original plans.
    It's supposed to be a solid piece milled down on a lathe.
    I don't have a lathe ,so i used a straight piece.