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About: i am in school and i like to build things i prefer everything that has two wheels and most of my projects require the use of not many tools as i dont have a torch or a welder or a pipe bender

this is my new motorbike and sorry there is no sound in the video i dont know why it must not have uploaded right but anyway here it is if you have any questions just ask



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    I guess you used a magna because its a piece of junk. Nice design!

    cool bike i might sell mine since my parents finally let me get a motorcycle liesence and im gonna buy a small 2 stroke motorcycle for road use might buy a KTM kxc 125 or the 250

    I agree with rimar2000. Six good still pictures would be vastly better than shaky, constantly moving video; you can study a still picture, but it's hard to pick out details in a video.

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    yeah i guess there was supposed to be sound in the video though which is why i did a video but for some reason it didn't work

    The sound is not that important; a steady camera is important. I learned the hard way that it is best to use a tripod. Video is not the best tool for the job when the user needs to be able to study the picture. Good luck.

    Nice idea but be warned, stay off the road. Just last week a guy was riding a similar contraption and was pulled over by the police. Adding a motor to it made it a motorized vehicle and thus needed to pass inspection for safety like a car. Depending on the motor size it would be some type of moped. He ended up with quite a few tickets but being night he might not have been caught if he had had a headlight.

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    yeah i already got pulled over but the cop dude said someone complained and to be careful and thats it

    Try not to move both the camera when recording, I dizzy...