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Intro: Mountainboard/flyboard Trucks

(This instructable isn't completely how I would like it to be but due to a shortage of time and me wanting this one ready for the Extreme contest in time I settle with it for now)

I've made these mountainboard-trucks quite a while a go but didn't document the process, however I think that, being quite strait forward in construction, you'll be able to figure out how to make them yourself at looking at the pictures.

What you'll need is:
  • a length of steel U- profile, at least 2x40 cm. I used some galvanized stuff left over from installing a new heating system. It is quite thick, about 1,5 mm so a bit heavy but easier to weld and strong. To make it lighter I drilled holes in them.
  • a lenght of 22 mm steel tube for the axles. I used 4 pieces of about 25 cm.
  • 4x m10 bolts,locking nuts and 8x washers, to fasten the wheels. I've welded the bolts in the tube- ends.
  • 2x m8 bolts, washers and locking nuts. These are used for the pivot axle.
  • 4x big wheels with bushings . As you can see I've used very broad wheels for use on the beach, meant for use on a wheelbarrow. however these aren't the best, because they have roller bearings instead of ball-bearings but they where cheap and I've planned to replace the bearings.
  • some steel-plate and/or construction 90 deg. angle brackets. I've used these to make the angled risers under the trucks,the pivot points and the foot-hooks on the board. I've a big box lying around left over from a home-improvement project some years a go. These are quite handy and strong but easy to work with and, since I've a lot of them,  I use them often in my projects.
  • Two bicycle saddles (yes, that's right, bicycle saddles!). These are important, I used the springs of them for levelling the trucks after steering, thus creating some sort of bushings.
  • a handful of different size fastening bolts and nuts for putting together the springs, pivot-system, risers and board and trucks.
Tools you'll need and have to be able to use are:
  • A welder.I have a cheap arc-welder, just fine for this kind of stuff (so that's the reason I also enter the metal contest, who knows...). And however I'm not a good welder, I can stick metal parts together just fine...and ugly, but that is where the next tool comes in handy..
  • An angle-grinder.for cutting the metal,that is with a cutting disk off-course and to clean up messy welds with sanding disks.
  • A braking bench . Can be handy but if you are strong enough you can just stick with a workbench bank-vice to bent the brackets
  • just some standard tools: Hammer to make things fit off course. The right wrenches for nuts and bolts that does fit together. Pliers for holding things that won't fit so you end up with still usable fingers for using the wrench. so you can try fastening things that did fit before you accidentally made them unfit by hitting them with the hammer. Screwdrivers for all the other things.
I use these trucks under one of my home-made longboards (that's another Ible). One that broke the tale once but which I've cut smaller. That's why I use the angled risers otherwise these kind of trucks, tunnel-trucks they are called, won't steer.
Of course you could also use them on a skateboard when you screw them under the kick-nose and tail.
I also have build a mountain-board but this needs some more reinforcement with fibreglass, so maybe I'll show that later.

Finally I use a skatewing that I bought lately very cheap and I'm still busy with a 6 m2 kitewing made of an old tent, but that's also an instructable to come (pffff, anyone knows where I can buy some more time? Would be a nice price for the next contest, winning project time!).
Off course you could use a kite or just gravity for a motor.

Any questions? I'll try to answer them...if I got some time left ;-)

I really would like to show you how I do extreme things with this rig but that off-course would be best with a video made with a Go-Pro Hero, which I don't own..



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    8 months ago

    Great project, I would like to make a kite like yours. Having you got an instructables? Thanks

    i'm thinking of redesigning the trucks to fit normal wheels and just have a super smooth longboard. great idea to start from :D

    Dave Avolock

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I hope I can finish that one this summer, so may projects. But I promiss I will make an Ible of it.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Do you think putting some of these on the VERY end of a street deck's nose and tail, somehow reinforcing the bottom, and adding bindings, would work as a introductory mountain board? I longboard and wanted to get into mountain boarding and as always... checked instructables!{ before blowing anywhere from 150-200 for a new board}. I can give you my height, weight, and board size if you need it.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry about the late reaction. I think that would be no problem. But Some reinformcement I would certainly recoment. I've build something like what you discribed here for these trucks but the plywood I used was to weak so I glued and screwed two stringers of beachwood to the bottom and than added a layer of glassfiber and epoxy over it. That is strong enough. A skateboarddeck is sometimes used as a schlongboard. Google that, it is kind of what you mean, I think.

    my wookie

    5 years ago on Introduction

    nice, i'm building a mountain board in pre-engineering and so far its turned out pretty well, i was just having trouble with what you call angled risers, looks like you have the perfect solution. originally i was going to have the board itself angled but that plan failed so this should be perfect for it.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    if I know I have all the parts I would make a sole skate/mountainboard hybrid
    (the last picture, I felt like putting it on)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job! I love the ruggedness of it. You could throw a motor on this thing and go fourwheelin' :>)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    That is great. Im sure your a brilliant teacher. Follow!