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Intro: Moxx's Dwarven Knife

This is my dwarven knife.  it is really, really sturdy and looks awesome.  It has a nice handle, a double serrated edge, a bloodgutter (yes thats a real thing. its the trench in the middle), and a back hook.  sorry about the bad pics but most of the connections are really obvious.  Thanks to warsoldier94 for the basic shape. please SUBSCRIBE. 

Step 1: Handle

1) pieces
2) first and second layers
3) finished handle

Step 2: Front

1) pieces
2) first and second layers
3) finished front

Step 3: Back

1) pieces
2) more pieces
3) first and second layers
4) finished back

Step 4: Connecting

1) how the connected middle should look
2) all connected



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    alright, it might take a while cause im busy, but i will do when i get a chance.