this is the mp5 that i wasnt going to post but since so many people liked it i decided to post it.holds 16 shots and is quite powerful for a rubberband gun.

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Step 1: Mechanism 2 of these
2. build these
3.slide in step 2 to step 1
4.add 2 red cogs with 2 blue spacers on each cog
5.add other step 1 to enclose mech
6. add 2 clips to make sure pin doesnt slide out
7.add blue rod here
8.make this
9.add a connector on each side
10.connect trigger

Step 2: Handle

1.make 2
3.add to top
4. add blue rod

Step 3: Shoulder Rest

1.make this
2.make this
3.make these
4.connect one of the step 3s to step 2 like this the same thing on this side
6.flip over and attatch blue clips
7.attatch together, should look like this

Step 4: Mag

1.make this
2.make this
3.make these
4.attatch step 3 to step 2 like this
5. add clips on blue rods
6.add step 1 like this and connect hinges
7. yay!

Step 5: Barrel

1.make this
2.make this
3.connect them
4.make this
5.connect step 3 to step 4 like this
6.swing hinges to here
7.slide in blue rod and add connectors on both sides so it doesn't fall out

Step 6: Connect Them

1.connect mech and shoulder rest
2. like this
3.connect mech and handle this
5. connect barrel this(lol looks like a star wars blaster)
7.connect mag
8. done!

Step 7: Loading/firing

1.attatch rubberbands to trigger here 2 or 3
2.remove mag and hook rubberbands here(this will make trigger spring back when pulled on
3.reattatch mag
4.(no picture phone out of batteries)load rubberbands from front cog all the way to tip of gun in the tiny slot, continue to add rubberbands

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    146 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    really good! im going to build it. thanks for the instructions.

    how far does it shoot? can it peirce a can fron about 4 feet away? if so, I'd class it as powerful. anyway it looks good and is easy to make as I started an hour ago and I'm already on step 4, part 1

    batman free

    8 years ago on Step 5

    my bro just finished off making it and called it The King


    9 years ago on Introduction

    this gun is great as a model i have even added a grenade launcher for it like the mp5 from the game half-life.


    9 years ago on Step 5

     can you post more photos of the part in pic1 possibly a side view? thx


    9 years ago on Introduction

    man this gun is sweeeeet!!
    it looks real and i love the single shot thing
    5* :D