Mr Roboto

Introduction: Mr Roboto

this is what happens when you have a lot of lights and some spare time

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Step 1: Starting Out

i first started with the helmet. painted it silver and started adding lights.some from dollar store but then more 12 v lights for which i had to power it with motorcycle battery's. i then needed to build the feet to put the battery's in there and made them 10 inches higher.

Step 2:

now i started on the body. got some cardboard boxes and fabricated a body structure and covered it with chrome Bristol board. then i installed a portable dvd player and lights from cars and dollar store.

Step 3:

the arms believe it or not are made from aluminum drive shafts. a poor choice now that i have worn it for a while. i probably would make it out of something lighter next time. along with all the lights and wiring each arm weighs 10 pounds. but i sure works well

Step 4:

finaly i put it all together and powered it up. it looks best in the dark. even a picture doesnt do it justice. and that is it.

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