Multi Bear With Light and Alarm

Introduction: Multi Bear With Light and Alarm

This is a difficult but very useful if your afraid of the dark like kids. This is what you need.
   Needle small
   Brown thread
   brown whoopee cushion
    9 volt battery
     9 volt battery connector
     blue or white LED
    End of a a led pencil
   That's all. Now for the head all you got to do is look at  the [ The light up eye ] picture and it shows you how. first attach the 9 volt battery to the connector. put the red wire to the first output on the switch and the black one to the LED. Take the broken led pencil tip and place it snugly. Cut a part of black wire from your wire you have and attach the black wire to the 2nd output on the switch and the other to the LED. Cut the back of the bear's head open with the knife, scissors and cut out one eye. put the LED were the eye was and the switch at the back of the head. Now sew up the whole area that you cut only leaving the eye open and the switch open on the back of the head. That,s done with the light system
      For the farting alarm so if some one tries to steal it, the bear fart or if you just want your friends to think that's funny or just go out yelling and screaming. First cut the back open and under the tail. Slip your whoopee cushion in you might have to squeeze it in there. The end part you stick out the tail area. Then sew him up and that's all you got your own multi bear

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