Mummy Nail Art

Introduction: Mummy Nail Art

About: mother of 3 princesses ;)

today I'll be showing you how to make a nail art mummy ;)

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Step 1: Supplies coat
2.base coat
3.white polish polish or paint polish
6.dotting tool or tooth pick
7.line brush or u can use your tooth pick also

Step 2: Base Coat

apply a base coat for protection
let dry

Step 3: Base Color

apply a layer of white polish to your nail .. let dry

Step 4: Eyes Part 1

after the white polish has set ...make a triangle from the middle side to the center of the nail u can do this on either side I'll be doing mine from from right to left ...

Step 5: Black Lines

now your going to make black horizontal lines in different directions like this

Step 6: Part 2 Eyes

once your black triangle is set make two white dots for eyes
you can leave like this add a top coat and your finished or give it a more spooky look and move on to the next step ;)

Step 7: Part 3 Eyes (optional)

now make a smaller dot inside the white with red polish or acrylic paint for a more spooky eye ...I'll be using paint ;)

Step 8: Top Coat

apply your top coat after the eyes have set and then your finished ... hope you guys like it ;)

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    3 Discussions

    Oh how fun for Halloween! You must have a very steady hand as the results are very clean. The mummy is adorable - even with the red eyes :)

    That looks so cool! The eyes make it look really spooky yet cute at the same time and the black lines you drew are just so straight!