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Introduction: Music Folder

just to tell yous this is my first intrustable. hope yous like it and any comments, suggestion or mod's are more than welcome...... the music folder is a ring binder that has two built in speakers to play music. i used all old parts from around my house but im sure with a lil time n money you could make a much better one.

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Step 1: The Speakers

out line your speakers on either the front cover or inside cover,

Step 2: Makeing the Holes

i used drawing pins to mark where the holes needed to go, seen as cardboard is not very hard a screw can then make the hole bigger,.

Step 3: Sound.....

cut a hole threw the cover so the sound can escape and the cover with a piece of cloth. i used super glue to attach the cloth but um sure a better way is out there........

Step 4: Attaching the Speaker

i used 8 nuts and bolts to hold my speakers in place

Step 5: Tidying Up the Inside

i made a very simple holder out of cardboard to hold an mp3 player...

Step 6: Out Side

so the two patch's of cloth dont look to odd on the front you can put other patchs around... and thats it.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    yeah thanks guys. as i said in hte 'able i used things i found around the house so no amp lol. thanks for input tho


    great idea, if it was amplified it would be amazing, also you have plenty of room left over for an amp circuit and batteries, good job on your first 'ible. The speakers on their own aren't good for the baby amp in the player but still the concept is a great idea...