Music Light (fits in Pocket)




Introduction: Music Light (fits in Pocket)

i know that speakers don't fit in a pocket by headphones DO !

you will need:

jack splitter
audio cable
tip 31 transistor
light e.g. led flashlight
soldering iron
tape (electronic tape)
knife or wire stripper


Step 1: My One

this is my one

Step 2: Strip Cable and Solder

carefully strip audio cable you should have 3  wires

solder this circuit DO NOT SOLDER TO BATTERY !!! 

if you do it wrong it wont work as-well 

Step 3: Connect Battery

connect wires on battery in battery box like so

Step 4: Plug in Like

plug in like so and put loud song with beats



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    I was wondering if you can send a audio signal to a blinking light and keep it flashing until a reset button is hit.