My Animatronic Arm





Introduction: My Animatronic Arm

i made this in October for Halloween i lost my award for best costume in the robot catagory but heres my hand



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    Did you make instructions for it?

    I think it is pretty cool! I'm trying to design something much like that, but not an extended arm... more like a larger hand over my own hand, get it?

    but it looks like it doesn't move very you cant pick up a cup...or a smallish object....

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    but i mean something smaller, its way cool and all but say you go to grab your phone, it will fall...being smart you wouldnt grab ur phone but somthing smaller than a basketball

    dude, its a freaking costume prop -.-

    you can dress up like charmander, doesn't mean you'll be able to breathe flame.

    you dress up as a cyborg, doesn't mean your going to operate like a well built cyborg. or shoot rockets fists -.- lmao

    use your imagination ;p

    it would be a good idea to umm... SHOW how you made it, since this is INSTRUCTABLES and not "Look What I Did", ya kno? id like to make something like this, but you dont show how, and theres the issue of making the 'fingers' stay straight once you release the ropes

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    its actual very easy compared to how it may look hard and lol if u read the Instructables slogan its worlds biggest diy how to and show and tell lol search up animatronics cause unfortunately iam not in the mood to make another one i don't have the time

    specifically "HOW-TO show and tell"

    you dont have to make another.. you can add onto this one.

    'tis how you get page hits, and get people copying you; mockery is the highest form of flattery

    hmmm... like this idea. maybe a part of me halloween costume maybe? btw yours isa bit tacky with the tape and stuff.

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    o the tape was apart of my costume ;p pritty mucht the only thing i used the hand for after i made it ;p

    I'm trying to make something like this - what did you use for the finger hinges? I'm sort of drawing a blank on what would be effective.

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    the tube is the hinge... just cut the tube in a v shape (dont go all the way though)

    Ah, I see. I guess the mistake I made was trying to use PVC pipe. It's not very flexible, you see. I'll try fitting it with a more bendy tube.

    Hehe - that third picture really shows the scale well. Looks great! What's the range of motion on the fingers - can you make a fist, pick up objects with thumb and fingers, etc? By the way, you may want to flip the images around so #3 is first - that way it'll show up as the thumbnail for your slideshow.