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i am a 13 year old in New Zealand and i came across a video of someone who made there own roller coaster so i decided to make my own.
the track is 30 cm and 45 cm wide with 2 or 3 15 cm planks side by side
its 65 cm tall at the start and has already been extended to 18 meters and still has about 10 meters to go.
it goes over 10 kph at some points and will end up going up to twice this speed when complete.
 it is still a work in progress and has had about 2-3 weeks of work on it
hope you like it
total cost FREE all wood and side rails came from under our house

CHECK OUT THE UPDATE Backyard Roller coaster 2

and its better than some people who make these like a skateboard on a drive way



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    I did and even Version 3 on youtube.  Very promising.  Have you tried standing up on it?  Maybe end up dropping into a half pipe at the end.  One can dream.


     would be cool but i cant actually skateboard! and no 3 on you tube is no 2 on instructables i didnt post 1. and at the end it will continue through the fence where theres gona be another 60 cm drop!!

    astro boyBongmaster

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    when its finished ill add things like walls of trees and other things although i wanted to make a pvc coaster the pipe is too expensive for me right now.
    i will finish this one first, then update it before making a faster safer and funner one.  when its finished i would give it about 10th to 20th place out of youtubes videos of home made roller coasters and id say there's about 50 about 10 are people going down the stairs in a box 10 are plain pices of wood on a table with a skatebord 10 are people going down a hil on a thing and about 15 to 20 are eather  pvc coasters, metle or wooden ones that go realy fast. soz for the long coment :P