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Introduction: My Bass Guitar Project

About: Hey guys, I'm just a guy that lives on an island hardly anyone knows about, right next to Seattle. My interests are the same as any 16 year old, computers, cars, biking, and just messing with stuff in general.

Ad my title says, this is my bass guitar project. I am making it out of raw materails, being mainly wood, copper and other types of wire, and other parts.this is not ALL homemade, such as the truss rod, frets, plug and knobs, and tuning knobs, and bass strings. Anyway, the pickups are homemade, and the body, such and such. Thanks to all the pickup instructions on here, specially the bass ones.

i have now decided to buy two pickups, instead of making them!

The body is modeled after the Gibson Explorer, which has a body similar to this and the Star. I am hoping to get the guitar done sometime in the next year!.


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    6 years ago


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You'd get a better sound and sustain if you make the body one piece instead of three. Good luck though!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    While I applaud your efforts to build a guitar out of unusual materials, but as they currently stand the pickup coils probably won't work.

    Pickups normally are wired with 42 to 44 gauge. That's a very thin wire--44 gauge is 0.00198, which is close to the diameter of a human hair. Your wire looks much thicker.

    (I tried this too when I was a teenager--used normal enameled magnet wire, but it didn't work...)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    oh well...i will attempt....its about 30 gauge magnet wire from the 'shack and works well for high powered electromagnets. i will test this on my friends bass, see if it sounds wired or anything, then make changes. I do also have some thinner wire, but not the amount needed for a pickup. I have searched, but a lot of the wire is sadly expensive because of the costs of copper.

    also, not being too much of a smart-Alack, but it depends what type of hair your talking about. Yeah i know theres not much of a difference, but darker haired people have thicker hair, while people who have truly almost white hair( like me!!) will have thinner hair.