My Chritmas Tree Decoration

Introduction: My Chritmas Tree Decoration

About: i love hallowen i like chritmas

my chritmas tree decoration  first part the chritmas tree  ,watch chritmas tree stocking attach to the wall  , my chritmas tree is small  ,my chritmas tree has ornament , look i have 2 chritmas ball  make  of chrochet  i make  and 1 red ornament  chrochet make ,next to the chritmas tree is  the born  of the  baby jesus.

Step 1: This Part Show the Born of Baby Jessus More Near

the picture of  the baby jessus   is in  the house  and  have  a angel up  

Step 2: The Last Part of the Decoration

a house near my chritmas tree



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    Very nice job. Very creative. Thank you!