My Cosplaying Over the Last Few Years

About: im an avid cosplayer, who works in cardboard, paper mache, foam, resin, fibreglass, electronics and plastic pipes. im a gas fitter by trade and can fix any boiler, fire or appliance and i occasionally creat...

some of these costumes are homemade others are bought and given the craftsmith work over.
spidey suit was a complete cop out, i bougt a zentai suit and some shiney red boots that i drew webs onto.
the scorpion and sub zero costumes were made from hoodies and matirials at hand, old jumpers, shin pads etc.
the knights templar costume is part bought but the shield is homemade from copper pipe and ply board and weighs a fair bit when your carrying it round a night club, the sword is real and oddly the bouncers never spotted it.
the ninja costumes are part hoodie part martial arts gear and part ninjitsu outfits, the head band is from some ninja anime show and the sword is real japanese steel its a shinto katana and i didnt take that out clubbing.
the cow boy is supposed to be victorian spiderman i had cowboy boots in red tan and a long dark cloak with a black zentia mask on, the sword is a wooden boken that i made to look like a katana with silver tape and black car spray.
spock is a v neck blue jumper with a black t-shirt and silver tape for th badge, too easy. 
the storm trooper is part bought part made, both my helmet and my mates were bought, one costume is homemade from leatherett sewn onto a black tracksuit the other is a cheap one that cost 40 pounds with the helmet, im wearing the clone helmet with the bought costume. my girlfreind was princess leia, she made the whole thing herself and i made all of the guns with laser pens fitted.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I don't live In Wales I'm in staffordshire, but some shots are from the Ryhl area of wales.


    no sorry, i bought the spiderman costume and modified a cheap (£40) stormtrooper costume to get a decent clone costume, my mum made her stormtrooper and used my spare helmet, most of the rest are made by myself and partner, though some bits are bought such as hats and masks then modified.

    sorry, i dont dig naruto. its just too bright and over the top to be realisticly ninja like. however i do possess a few modified headbands and a metal weapons kit from japan, the bo shurikan and throw star are really good quality steel, it got stopped at customs but amazingly not held back. i also bought a naruto weapons pouch but it was useles on my ninja outfit so i turned it into an ammo pack for a sandtroopers breast/shoulder plate.