My First C-Moy Head Phone Amp




Intro: My First C-Moy Head Phone Amp



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    could you maybe give your own version of the schematic with the 2 im741's in it since i kinda have a hard time to figure those out since this will be my first audio project hehe thx in advance and also thx of providing the website ^^


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    tnx, it's from the packaging of an Ipod i guess, just got lucky and bumped into it and had the idea to use it for my amp, :)

    here's the link of the page,
    this page is very helpful,

    the only problem i encountered is that the OP-Amp IC's they recommend is not available here so i tried to find an IC and ended up with two lm741's instead of 1 dual Op-Amp IC...