My First Car




This is one of the four cakes that was produced during a one day cake event having totally amateur participants for having fun at modamutfak in Istanbul. This cake has chocolate and labne cheese and banana pastry as filling is covered with whipped cream and decorated with M&Ms and jelly candies . "my first car" cake is made by Oktor. modamutfak events are initiated by roomservices

Step 1: Preparation &skeleton

First step is to cut out the car (in our case Volkswagen Beetle) from a a paper.
Then you cut out three cake pieces in the shape of your paper.

Step 2: Building Up

we spread banana pastry (just smashed banana) and chocolate cream (we used nutella) and labne cheese ( known as labaneh but if you can't find it cream cheese -half of chocolate cream amount- works too)
we cut out two rectangular pieces of the cake to elevate our car and to make space for the tires.

Step 3: Covering and Final Touch

we cover the whole car with whipped cream and place 4 chocolate biscuits as tires, and use M&Ms and jelly candies for the lights.



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    11 years ago on Step 3

    awwwwwww so sweet.(get it?) lol,i love cars and i love sweets! this is soooo cool.have you made any more cake cars?

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    nope that was the only car unfortunately. but it's possible to produce lots of alternatives and work more for decoration as well, we were a bit tired i guess at some point..