My First Handgun

Introduction: My First Handgun

true-block trigger

can shoot maybe 15 ft(4.6m)
handle breaks off easily

please try to make mods for it as i will too!

Step 1: Materials

see picture

Step 2: Handle

ok well all you need to do is follow the pictures (just like my other instructables)

Step 3: Easiest Step the Ram

very easy in one picture!!!

Step 4: Trigger

ok make it like the pictrues show

Step 5: Random Piece

idk what its called it's just a random piece i recommend it though

Step 6: Barrel or Mechanism or Whatever You Want to Call It

practically like every other one
!!!but pay attention to the pictures

Step 7: All Together Now

if we all work together we may just be able to finsih this very hard (easy) step

Step 8: Rubberband Placements

very easy to put rubberbands on

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    6 Discussions

    An Villain
    An Villain

    11 years ago on Introduction

    congratulations, very good. i like the breech-loader design.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    kinda good try do it without string. 3.5 stars