My First Steampunk Gun!


Introduction: My First Steampunk Gun!

made out of a laser tag gun mostly.



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    no its not a nerf...its a old lazor tag gun that he made steam punk....i have two...they dont sell them enymore i think but there to cool to ruin....

    I'm with ya, i had 4, I lost one, and am missing a battery pack for another :( . I decided to modify that one, since I could no longer use it for the original purpose. I'll post when I'm done with it.

    Oh My God! AWESOME! :D
    It's absolutely perfect except for the random clowrok in pic 2. Next time if it's possible, I suggest that you put something underneath the clockwork like a very small square of metal so that the clockwork looks more directly attached rather than just screwed on by the sides, get what I'm saying?

    lol i have that laser gun set red and green man that brgins bck some fun times cool steampunk mod ;p

    EPICLY GOOD, especially for a first try. I think my first try would look too...present-day...

    Very nice, this has inspired me to go to B&Q; sometime soon and look to build myself a steampunk-esque gun.