My Home Made Rc Pickup Truck From Junk

About: DIY hobbyist since childhood

this is one of my designs that i build using my own idea and concept of powering up and rc toy...
the aim of the project is use my junk as a source(usually it is a limited source) and use only a transmitter,reciever, and a small piece of motor from a original rc toy...

it was built from scratch...



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    you could of used a voltage doubler withe a circuit protection system not on the batteries but the motors that's 9v that's all you need not 36 iv built simmler progects so... i know a thing or two

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    nope! the voltage doubler is not applicable to this design because of the quality of the batteries that i used. those batteries cant give enough power to the motor if i will use that because it can create major losses so the result will be no mechanical output at all. and the motor requires a lot of torque! the motor only aside from the gear box!

    torque is inversely proportional to speed!

    im talking about the cheep rc car put it on the rc cars motors don't tell me that it wont work it dose iv done it i made rc car out of goex black powered can waned it to go faster so i did that worked fine

    .. i would like to promote the page for people like you that likes homemade rc's. there is a community page on facebook entitled homemade rc units. please like the page and you can post some of your homemade rc videos there. thank you..


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! I built a hobby grade rc truck

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    mine looks like a toy grade but it gives a torque and speed of a hobby grade.. im going to post my other builds.. a rc buggy with the speed of a hobby grade stock... faster than a toy grade buggy... and another scale crawler, my second prototype...


    9 years ago on Introduction

    OK, so you just knew the motor was bigger, hence being more powerful. I assumed the motor in a cassette player would be reasonably small

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    it really depends on a couplr things:
    1: the windings onthe motor. different windings give different results
    2: the cassette player could have been from the 1980s?
    3: the strength of the magnets in the motor. mor magnet power means it will rotate faster. a moto works by continuously reversing the current so that the magnets constantly reject the powered windings. go to to find out more on motors, as i am not a motor enthusiast.

    about the cassette player? i know. most cassette players have unreasonably large motors in them for some reason. i was joking. as for the motor, i read a book on that, and i am pretty sure that's how it was. i cant be positive about that though, because i read the book a while ago

    i am. i am going to try to make an rc car with a 9v mainboard, giving me lots of speed, in a die-cast BMW Z8 body. wish me luck!

    is there a smaller and lighter alternative? or one that performs better? i havent built an rc car from scraps before, so this is proving quite difficult. i made the chassis out of mekano pieces, so its easy to modify and edit. and like you, i am trying to do this from scraps too, except for the engine, i want one that goes fast, and i dont really have a cassette player lying around. ill keep searching for one, because the motor yo used sure seems to give some results!