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Introduction: My Homemade Speaker

hello guys this is my 1st instructables I was quite inspired by this site to build thing so today I have built a home speaker you can power it using USB for supply of power 5 volt (use only 5 volt usb charger ora power bank only otherwise the ic of amplifier board will burn)

I have built this thing because it's for people who don't understand electronic circuits and diagrams. (even i don't know how to use amplifiers and speakers because i'm only in 9th grade and i have not studied electronics but i would like to study it in the future) i would like people to help me so i can build better speakers

Anyway here's the things you will need.

1. 2 speakers of 5 watts (I bought mine in a in local electronics store. if you live in india or usa buy your speakers from

2. amplifier board (i am using pam 8430) here,s the link

3. any wooden craft box as speaker box.

4. 3.5 mm audio jack extension cord.

5. Unused usb cord (to connect the speaker to the charger or power bank)

6. handmade paper

7. Wires to connect


9.screws and bolts

10. drill

11. and old or unused belt

Step 1: Time to Build It

1.connect your amp to your speaker (check the instructions in the link i have provided ebay...)

2. if you have checked the instructions on the ebay website i think you have pretty much got the right way of connecting your speaker and the rest.

3. .And of course drill the holes to mount the speakers. its time to put the handmade paper on the wood to give a rustic touch. after doing all that mount the speakers using the screws and nuts (and dont forget to put the amp in the box).

6. now drill the hole for the 3.5mm jack and usb and of course the belt (if you don't have a belt use a unused handle).

7.use the screws to put the belt on the speaker.

8. if you want put some pillow stuffing inside for more sound and bass.

Step 2: See If You Have Got It Right .

if you saw the image on the top that how i did my wiring of 3.5mm jack and usb

if you got it right its done now you can listen to some music and relax with your own homemade speaker.


please tell me any improvements or suggestions.

if you want to add bluetooth use this gadget

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    8 Discussions


    4 years ago

    the ebay link isn't up anymore. any other working links?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good. If you really plan on moving that cabinet around you may want to consider adding some kind of grille to protect your speakers.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    i actually thought of putting grill pfred but in india where do you even get a speaker grill.I its only for expensive ones which cost around 2000 3000 rs . Can you give me suggestion on making a grill for the speaker.


    5 years ago

    Its nice my brother makes those all the time!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    do you mind sending the images of your brothers speakers because i am planing to build another mini bluetooth rechargeable speaker