My Iphone Charger

Introduction: My Iphone Charger

Technology guy! presents my iphone charger

Step 1: Design It

Firstly sketch out the iphone charger. Here I've got the mesurements.iphone mesurements height 12 cm width 7 cm.
charger mesurements height 14 cm width 16 cm 

Step 2: Get What You Need. (see step 1)
4.scissors gluegun
6.things to decorate

Step 3: Construct Charger Stand

Cut a little bit of cardboard next get a ruler and mesure 3 cm each side the fold it.

Make 2x

Step 4: Cut It Out

now! just cut it out

Step 5: Construct Charger Stand

cut a bit of cardboard

Step 6: Glue It Together

use a hot gluegun and glue the cardboard thingys to the the big piece of cardboard

Step 7: Cut Another Bit and Glue It

cut another bit of cardboard and glue it to the top of the cardboard thingys

Step 8: Do This

cut ANOTHER! strip of cardboard and glue it on the front 

Step 9: Cut Hole

cut a hole for iphone

Step 10: Cut Iphone Insert Charger Plug

cut iphone insert charger plug

Step 11: Make It Look COOL! WITH a K!



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    6 Discussions

    Eh, it kinda looks ratchet.

    This is good but I'm sorry I have to say cardboard is such a bad idea, you could use 3mm plywood and make it a lot finer and smaller, then you could take it anywhere you go

    I like it, I LIKE IT! Yes, cardboard IS a good material out of which to make charging stations! Good job, Technical Guy! Apt name as well!!

    This is a joke?

    I might try to make something like this - cardboard is a good material to make charging stations out of. :)