My Knex Rifle/shotgun




Introduction: My Knex Rifle/shotgun

Step 1: Easy

you will need:
39 yellow connectors
9 orange connectors
12 snowflake connectors
2 green connectors
2 non holed blue connectors
1 gray connector
18 blue rods
6 white rods
56 green rods
  4 blue washers

Step 2: The Stock

this is easy just follow the pics

Step 3: The Barel

pretty easy

Step 4: The Trigger

i dont need to type this

Step 5: The Bolt

Step 6: The Assembly

Step 7:

ok now you probably get the rest so i will leave you their just comment and keep subscribing



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    17 Discussions

    1) Capitalise steps 2) It's barrel and stock, not 'barel' and 'stalk' 3) Use more pics per step! 4) Get a camera!

    sorry guys but i had to use my web cam my cameras broke

    at least you guys werent to harsh next time i will try to make it better (it was my first instructable) sorry

    I can barely see a thing and what I can see is not really good.