My Little Pretty Dorothy


Introduction: My Little Pretty Dorothy

My 6 month old baby girl is wearing a Dorothy look-a-like dress. This is Willow's first halloween costume. The gingham dress is a childhood dress of mine from the 80s. Her little red shoes are actually socks to look like shoes. The wig was bought for only a $1.00 & braided to match Dorothy. I did sew up part of wig to make smaller to fit Willow's head. Where would Dorothy be without Toto? Toto is a ball of yarn wrapped up & tied($1.50) with google eyes. A small basket for Toto to ride in on their way to the Emerald city!



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    "Toto is a ball of yarn wrapped up & tied with google eyes." Ha! Brilliant.

    Awww jeez! How cute is that? :D

    Using socks for the shoes is so smart!