My Loom Band Creations




Introduction: My Loom Band Creations

today, i will show you my loom band creations

Step 1: First,my Bracelets

the list of my bracelets:
1.) candy color flower bracelet
2.) fishtail bracelet
3.) bridge style bracelet
4.) ladder bracelet
5.) taffy twist bracelet
6.) quadrafish bracelet

Step 2: Next, My Charms

list of my charms:
1.) bear face
2.) strawberry
3.) infinity
4.) ribbon
5.) fish
6.) candy crush orange
7.) ballerina dress
8.) bear
9.) owl

Step 3: Last, Others

lastly, my pencil/ballpen and hook grip

Step 4: All of My Creations, DONE!

i hope you like all my creations.....
if you have any questions, just comment. just wait in my comment.
if you have requests also just comment.



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    9 Discussions

    Plz tell me how to make some of those cause i wanna MAKE THEM NOW:)

    beautiful creations! i will try to make it

    sorry for the quality of the pictures... my tablet's camera is little bit blurred especially in dark places......

    2 replies

    haha, no prob, mine is too thats why i try always making the tutorials at day

    my light color of fishtail that have pink color is GLOW IN THE DARK PASTEL