My Modded Nitefinder



Introduction: My Modded Nitefinder

here is my modded nitefinder [first instructable ;) ]



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    Um if you have to load the gun that way, your basically in the 1600s using a one shot musket also it's no sniper- it doesn't have a scope

    So does this add any functionality at all, or is it just a barrel on a nitefinder? If it is, don't consider it a mod because you did nothing to increase the performance and actually decreased range with the barrel. Look it up if you don't believe me.

    May I ask what Nerf gun you attached the NiteFinder to?

    May I ask what Nerf gun you attached the NiteFinder to?

    my nite finder is super modded. it has a 15 or 20 lb spring replaced in the housing and a .22 cal rifle scope attached to the top. i'm trying to make it more accurate, and i got an idea for it. take a revolver cap gun and take the fold down part and make it to where the barrel folds open allowing better access to the original short barrel of the nite finder. it gets more power and efficiency that way. also looks cool.

    oh and to add on to that, the barrel has an inner tube that's removable with pliers. take that out and its less bulky.

    I used tape and I got it to fit by cutting off the front sight and took out the tip that covers the real barrel