My Nerf Guns That Have Been Modified





Introduction: My Nerf Guns That Have Been Modified

all of these guns have been modified, on the camo longshot there is a different barrel than in my other slide show, the yellow longshot is my brothers i modified it for him.

the guns that are in this are 2 longshots, 1 recon, 1night finder and 1buzz bee shot gun.

if you view this please comment.



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    What did u use for the barrel on the camo long shot

    dude theres air restrictors in the double barrel. right behind the shells (when youve loaded it) there they are. i took out mine and sawed the barrel off :D

    Im about to modify my longshot but i cant get it open, however i did get the front barrel out, any ideas on what i should do with it?

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    Well are you talking about the front gun or the main gun?
    And you did take the stock off before you tried taking it apart?

    The front gun i took out the barrel of it
    the only problem is that some of the screws are stuck

    Why does longshots always look good when spraypainted? It doesn't even have to be a good color, like it could be pink and look awesome.