My New Modded Knex Tomahawk!

About: hi! i love knex :D i love cats with snipers too :D

this is my new modded knex tomahawk. my previous tomahawk was really weak, but this one isn't. i kept the blade soft, because you can't hurt anyone at all..

Step 1: The Handle

this is the handle.

pic 1) just build.
pic 2) attach.
pic 3) just build.
pic 4) attach.
pic 5) attach
pic 6) attach.
pic 7) attach to the hole thing..

Step 2: The Blade

this is the blade. as you can see, i kept the blade soft. now you can't hurt somebody..

pic 1) attach at the basic thing
pic 2) just attach.
pic 3) attach again..
pic 4) you know what to do..



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