My Post Apocalyptic Steam Punk Hand Gun

This one of a kind hand gun is named the Bronze Angel. the reasoning behind the name is, during testing scientist and the post world military was creating a gun. A gun so powerful it could decimate a angel with one blast. unfortunately  the day of the initial test they decided to ramp the gun up to its core level, and well completely destroyed the testing lab. In fact hat gun was so powerful that it ate through some of the gun and gave it a bronze color, hence the name the Bronze Angel. it is readily recognizable by the bronze color, the dual core charging system ( on on each side of the gun), and the two chains with the angel wings hanging from it. From the day it  was finally approved for battle use, only one person has been able to handle its power. 

              This person shall for ever not be name in any report made or given for the Bronze Angel project.
 agent 032 signing out.

by the way this gun was inspired by gmjhowe. thank you for inspiring me to make this. I had so much fun that i am going to make a whole costume just based off of this gun and the story i wrote for it.



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