My Purple Valentine ( Dessert Basket)

Introduction: My Purple Valentine ( Dessert Basket)

hey everyone i hope you like my work.. today i will show you how to make a purple valentine basket. it is a reuse project as well as a new project. i made this basket for my cooking compitition.

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Step 1: Purple Sweets

ingredients.  (makes 45 hearts)
  1. kidney beans 500grams ( boiled and grinded to a soft paste)
  2. milk ( 1 cup)  250grams
  3. sugar 250 grams ( refined)  (you can substitute it with low calorie sugar)
  4. vegetable oil ( 1 cup)
  5. condensed milk ( 2 tablespoons) optional
  6. butter (2 able spoons) optional
  1. voke ( or any deep pan)
  2. wooden spoon
  • boil beans and make into a paste.
  • add oil in a voke and make it enough warm. add the paste and start cookiung. try not to burn it.
  • gradually add milk time to time. and keep smoothing the paste inorder to mix it with the milk.
  • add butter, cook
  • add condensed milk , cook
  • in the end add the sugar and cook it quickly so that the sugar don't get burned.
you need to keep it cooking untill all the paste forms a ball and gets stick to the spoon as one piece..

( aproxx time it took for me was 1 hour 30 min. but we were two people cooking the ONE dish. means four hands were in use. GOOD LUCK

while its hot place it in a bking dish. and with a heart cookie cutter cut the hearts . sprinkle what ever you like on the top while they are still hot else they wont get stick ..

what i did was that i joined two hearts together.  and wrapped them in aluminium foil nce they got cool.

Step 2: The Green Pockets ( Banana Leaves)

using a round shape cut rounds on bana leafs and keep them aside.. try not to ruin the shape.
now on a flame of a stove with the help of holders make the round pieces warm.  it helps the leaf to loose some water and become flexible.

now pin all the corners with tooth pick .( i sew them instead) 

and your pockets are ready.

Step 3: Arranging the Basket

place all the leaves pockets on the sides of the basket. and place a purple crape paper flower ( u can place a real one as well if u have it in your country ) 

add the silver hearts. 

and you are ready.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a delightful desert basket! Thanks for sharing.