My Room or in This Case My Shop


Introduction: My Room or in This Case My Shop

So this is my room, 95% of the time its a mess but thats the way i like it! i do all kinds of crazy experiments in here and my family is always asking me whats burning ALL THE TIME! I prefer to sleep in my bonus room but i do sleep in here. My parents dont give me much for allowance so i save up my lunch money. If it weren't for ebay and their unlimited supply of cheap electronics i would be nowhere. thats about it for now.



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    I want your things. @_@

    As for the earthquake that occurred 5 minutes prior to taking these photos, you could use a lady in your life. ;) (They are (usually) amazing at organizing.) But I certainly know how it is -- my room and desk looked almost identical until I met my wife. She brought down the hammer of Thor on me. Haha. But then again, I don't have nearly as many components as you do. Props for your beastly collection. :)

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    Wow cool stuff LOL every time i try to keep spares form takne apart things my parents just throw it out! At least they give me enough allowance to work on my projects. I should probably post more of my creations since I just got this acc

    You have an awesome horde! You have so many components you must be very skinny from skipping lunch so often.

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    lol i just have a lot of time and things to take apart, i did most of this durring the summer but i find time during the school year too. (explains my bad grades)

    I just saw your resistor picture. One way I have kept resistors sorted was to cut strips of corrugated cardboard and stuff them down into the holes the wavy corrugated middle layer makes. Now I mostly use little baggies.

    It does seem to me that you could use some storage solutions. Another storage method I use often is cutting up empty plastic containers to make bins out of them. Depends what you have a lot of. For me it is 1 gallon square plastic jugs. I cut those in half and they make nice bins. They're even nestable and stackable.

    If you have old jewel CD cases I have found that lined with foam or something they make great electronics component storage cases. You have to butcher up the plastic insert that holds the disc though. Then hot glue the remaining edge back in.

    I got tired of sorting my transistors every time I wanted to use one.


    Nice on the audio generators! Can you send me a link to the capacitance meter kit? I could use on of those! Yeah eBay is probably the best place to get electronics!!!

    Hahaha a good spark length estimate will be about 3 ft so i have no idea how many volts that is and I will be sure to be safe!

    I thought only static electricity could mess up your hair. The I'm building should be at least (hopefully) 1 million volts =D!!!

    I have everything I need except a high voltage transformer but my friend is working on that. When i do get it finished it will probably be the most viewed instructable 'cause everybody loves Tesla coils! eh?

    Dude you got some pretty epic stuff, I wanted the Tektronix 475 Scope but i clearly dont have enough room so my dad got me the DSO nano which is like a scope the size of a cell phone. The stuff your wanting seems expensive, you should use eBay! All most everything is much much cheaper on there! I'm building a Solid State Tesla Coil, there's a lot of components required, I just need some ferric chloride to make my PCB's.

    Haha, I see you are very intrigued with my electronics (which I admire), do you also collect electronics?

    i got them on ebay, 50 for about $9, they also got 100 for $12!!!