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here are a few pics of my voodoo doll outfit i made for halloween of last year.
I wanted to have a unique costume, something that I couldn't just get at the store.
After typing in voodoo dolls into google I got several ideas for my own voodoo doll outfit/

To make this yourself you will need
three pairs of white tights (or any color you want to use)

any kind of yarn you fancy
an old tank top
eye liner and lipstick (i used black but any color works)
I started off with two pair of tights, i sewed them into a mid drift turtle neck/shirt and started to put in the criss cross stitching on the hands, arms, shoulder, chest and legs.
i took a scrap piece off of the shirt for part of the wig. 
I used three different colors of yarn, measured it to the desired length for the wig. cut it, styled it and attached it onto the cap i made out of the scrap piece of shirt.
Next i took an old tank top and sowed patches onto it topping off the look with stitches on the shorts to complete the voodoo doll look.
I finished by playing around with black lipstick and liquid eyeliner for the stitches across my mouth.
and there I had it my voodoo doll outfit!



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