My Wood Dagger

Introduction: My Wood Dagger

Just a wooden dagger i made. The style is Elven. It is 17 and a half inches long total. The handle is 6 and a half inches. The blade is 13 inches. I know that doesn't add up to 17 and a half but the reason why is the blade goes under where the handle ends. at the thickest point it is half an inch wide. at the tallest point it is 1 and a half inches tall. The wood is pine. if you notice in one of the pictures there is a groove at the end of the handle for your thumb or index finger for stabbing movements. If i get enough comments asking for instructions i will post them but is think this is pretty straightforward. Enjoy!

P.S. This wood dagger may not match your fighting style. Example being i prefer fighting with 2 curved daggers as opposed to 1 straight one. My fight ing style usually switches from offense to defense very quickly, hence the curved dagger fighting style. Sometimes i may use my long roman gladius in my left hand with this dagger. Or i may use my elven longsword. It all depends on where, who, when, and how i want to fight. Make sure this dagger matches your style before you make it, if you do make it. And so i don't get sued i have to say: I am not responsible for any injury caused by this weapon or any weapon based on this design. Use responsibly.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    No bananas for scale. Not interested.

    Very interested. Please tell me how. And add a banana for scale.


    6 years ago

    just saying a roman gladius is a short sword a spatha is the longer sword