My Woodburnings


Introduction: My Woodburnings

This is one of my woodburning that i did it is on a peice of maple its of a nighthawk 650



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    WOW. That is amazing what kind of tips are you using( If your using a woodburner). That is incredible, how long did this take you?

    Where did you learn to wood burn like that??? What tips could you offer us?
    I'm very curious to know how you got such fine lines and how you went about the shading like that? I've never been able to achieve anything but thick brown to black lines haha.
    Please share with us your wisdom!!

    I am extremely impressed with the shading you archived and the beautiful contrast in your burning. i only wish i could burn like that. Nice work

    It's great i say it is an art. Look at the details I say patience and skill is what needed to have this done. Unlike in painting at a canvass once you make an error you can paint it over . In wood burning one error you have to start all over again.

    Great job i like motorcycle you can display it on you living room.

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    Awesome! I would love to try wood burning some time. I could never be this good though, but it seems like fun anyway.

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    i am sure you would do great,the only hard part is the shading.and the harder the wood the easier it is.

    I don't know about that, but I will definitely keep in mind that tip for when I someday try out some wood burning.

    lol yeah if i have a pic or drawing i can do almost anything i am starting to do one on marilyn monroe.

    This is hands down the best woodburning I've ever seen! Voted for you for the I made it! Good luck!

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    This one took about 1 1/2 weeks working about 4 hours at night.Some of my other one's take only 1-2 days,it all depends on the thank you for helping with my title i am not good at spelling.

    How lond did these take, from where I'm sitting they look like a lot of patent work.

    As these are products of your wood burning they may be called "My woodburning". Or if you consider each to be a woodburning, they are "My Woodburnings".
    Either way you should drop the apostrophe from the title.


    You did that by wood burning?! I'd be lucky to make a straight line woodburning.