My First Gun





Introduction: My First Gun

what it looks like(or will look like 4 u)

1st pic=looks like this
2nd= all the things you'll make

Step 1: Make the Stock

first part (i might have 2 many photos)it takes forever to load them =/

Step 2: Stock Cont'

just keep following the steps.

Step 3: Ram, Loader, Etc...

follow the pictures and continue on through steps 4 5 and 6 because i wanted to make it easier. ist hard scrolling to get a pic then moving back to the screen to see it

Step 4: Ram,loader, Etc... Cont'

follow steps AGAIN

Step 5: Ram, Loader, Etc... Cont'

again, follow the steps

Step 6: Ram, Loader, Etc... Cont'

last step for this

Step 7: Barrel Extension

follow steps shown

Step 8: Make the Handle Now

just follow the steps

Step 9: Finally! We're ALMOST Done!!!!!! Now Make the Ram Cover

just follow steps AGAIN

easy pictures and easiest step please dont be mad

Step 10: Connect It All Together

gather all the parts and follow the steps ill point out the connection points for you



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    27 Discussions

    This is realy not your first gun youve ever made.
    Its just to good
    get a lesson lie please

    ok. when i had the gun...i got it to shoot about 160 feet...about 49 m...but i used a medical rubberband.

    you could use a couple of decapitated gray connectors in place of some of the blue connectors

    2 replies

    lol yes that is true but i dont like destroying my pieces

    its not a mod i made up a body and liked his ram and trigger so i modded my frame to be able to fit his trigger and ram in it

    it practically is but i didnt look at his or any other rifle i just made a body then modded mine a bit to fit his ram and trigger in it

    oh, i was going to point out you made an ible for a bipod for mepains sniper......

    wait what? "under" a bunk bed, this is a single matress buk i hope, lol.

    yes only on the top clean on the bottom where i play my guitar drums were on the other side of the sheet that i hung from top of bunk

    Very good first gun, but not many people have many of those blue clips the chamber is made out of.

    3 replies

    Same basic mech, but a different body and that barrel is very common now, so you can't blame him for copying that.