Napkin Rose




About: awesome family, i have a dog, a cat ,a gecko, and a hamster.o ya and a sister.(she fits in with the pets).lol

Intro: Napkin Rose

its cool, dumb,and fun. just put it this way its better than having nothing to give her on a date,right!

Step 1: Reely Long Material List ,huh... Not

you only need one thing, a paper napkin.take the napkin and unfold it haif way.

Step 2: Foldy Foldy

take your middle and ring finger and put them so they're right on the edge of the napkin, then roll the napkin around them.

Step 3: Twist It

now twist the soon to be stem around about twice, like this.

Step 4: Keep It Going

now twist it down to about here and then stop.

Step 5: Almost Done

take one flap and bring it up to the top of the leaf then keep twisting.

Step 6: This Is It

just practice and give on to your girfriend



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