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Introduction: Natural Ice Buildings

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Fill all types of containers, juice cartons, milk packs, rubber globes, cups with water.

Bring them outside.

Let them freeze and build with the iceblocks!

You simply glue them with water!

Only with -10C

and ....all these sculptures disappear when spring arrives!.

Step 1:

After 3 nights of deep frost take out the iceblocks.

Step 2:

glue the iceblocks together with water

Step 3:

All shapes of buildings are possible. Play like a child!

Step 4:

Your garden is your playground.
Untill the sun returns!

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    How charming! I especially like the very clear balloon shapes.

    I love the last picture with your garden. If I had a garden like yours, I would spend my summer evenings out there curled up with a good book while my husband cooked me an azaming dinner =)