Needle Darts


Introduction: Needle Darts

About: scholarship to ERAU, going for pilot's lisense when I'm 16 prefer to read html rather than page shot a twizzler with a bb gun from 10 ft.ect...

Simple but powerful...very powerful.
These are enough to kill,
please be careful.

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is a prretty simple build,you only need 3 things

a vice grip or pliers (vice not shown),
a strike on box wood match,
and a needle

Step 2: Decapitate Needle

Put the head in the vice and tighten until it snaps off
afterwards it should look like the picture.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Put the needle in the vice blunt side up.
Then push the striking side of the match onto it.
sorry about the fuzziness of the pic and that the vice is kinda out of the shot.Afterwards it should look like the second picture.

Step 4: Fire

Use a straw to fire it,I'm sure you can figure that out
here are some targets to prove it.
You can also use the alternate version of my dart gun without the pill bottle.
I am not responsible for where you aim this.If someone gets hurt
it's not my fault
I shot it at a leather pillow (about the same as skin)
remember that these are for targets



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    yeah umm i kinda tried to light it i lit my grass on fire oops bad idea

    every time i put the needle into the match head the head breaks

    if u soaked it in meths then lit it an shot it it wouldnt go out as it flew through the air, im not sure if you could load it and fire before it sets the blowgun on fire though...

    It varies a bit from dart to dart, but 10-17 ft. is about the average. It's a pretty stable platform, so the harder you blow, the better.

    he sounds familiar because he's the guy who likes to make fun of other peoples instructables. it must be his sick, twisted entertainment to know that he's negatively influencing someone out of reach, someone who can't strike back in any physical sense. personally austin, i think you should lay off other peoples ideas and start having more of your own.

    4 replies

    yea what are you talking about i rarely flame people and i have made and instuctable before

    Hey, he only said that he doubted it would kill anyone, he didn't say that the instructable sucked. I doubt they'd kill, but I wouldn't volunteer to stand in front of one. And Lithoboli, you haven't even got one Instructable up!

    i just roll a paper dart and insert a needle in the front. also can put in either a straightened staple or a toothpick

    i sort of doubt this is "enough to kill" unless it was poison tipped and you shot it directy into someone's brain while they were already at like 4hp. But it would probably hurt.

    2 replies

    I think you should lay off the video games for a while. Humans don't have health points.

    poison is a good idea i was talking about hitting veins and the sort

    1ml hypodermics are good for this type of thing, check your local park...