Nerf Confetti Shooter




Introduction: Nerf Confetti Shooter

this is a simple but effective way to make a nerf gun shoot confetti, this works best with a modified nerf jolt or night finder, i have a link here to another instuctable to modify the jolt. 

Step 1: Making the Shell

what you want to do for this step is wrap a piece of paper (preferably index card) around the end of a nerf dart and cut it then tape it to be the same size as the nerf dart. 

Step 2: Cutting to Size

once you have taped it draw a line on it at the 1/2 inch mark and cut it on that line.

Step 3: Bottom of the Shell

after you cut it to be half an inch, trace the bottom and cut out the circle. then you tape the bottom of the shell on so that you dont get any confetti in you gun.

Step 4: Confetti

this one is pretty self explanatory, just get a hole punch and punch a ton of holes in some paper, this will become the confetti.

Step 5: Loading the Gun

for this one you want to put the shell in the gun so that the edge of it is at the very end of the barrel of the gun.

Step 6: Firing the Gun

no explanation needed for this step. just a link to the video 

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    3 years ago

    love it, awesome for parties, used it for my last birthdsy