Nerf Longshot Scope Custom Paint Mod

Introduction: Nerf Longshot Scope Custom Paint Mod

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This tutorial will explain basic painting tips for detailing your scope by just spraying.

This should help those who are not skilled in artistry painting or steady handedness.

For the gun go to the nerf gun custom paint mod.

Step 1: Lets Spray the Primer N Base Coat

You will need: paint suitable for plastics, fat and skinny tape, scissors and zacto knife.

First we need to sand the plastic a little.

Just enough that you can't see shiny areas on the plastic.

make it dull, and your eye piece also (the circle that you would rest your eye on to see inside.

Pic 1: Now spray primer in the tight areas first, and you'll see that you got most of the outside areas anyway.

check carefully not to miss any areas, and also spray the inside of the scope.

Pic 2: A little different that primer. Remember that some of these areas are usually hand painted.

But, we will first spray black inside of the scope; let dry a little; tape the lens holder rings (no paint in those areas).

Flip over and one side at a time, spray base coat black in tight areas as you sway the can back and forth quickly.

aim with the over spray from the can towards the hard to hit places.

Step 2: Examine the Base Coat

let it dry good, examine the scope inside and out and all around making sure you did not miss any areas.

put it together and if your happy with black, put in lenses and the locking clip (under belly) and your done.

If not lets get to the hard part.

Step 3: Adding Tape to the Base Coat

Pic 1: As you can see in picture one, I took the time to show you all the areas I taped and if you look carefully, you'll see very small tiny tapes (Plural) in many areas.

I cut circles that match the knobs, taped and trimmed around the knob with the zacto knife.

I cut tiny short strips for the turning mech at the front end.

I basically covered what looks like the tube part of the scope and exposed what looks like accessories, then trimmed with tape skinny lines to edge objects to emphasize shape of an object. You'll see once we remove the tape.

Step 4: Paint the Top Coat and Remove Tape

As you can see, I painted the top coat with bright gold. On black, bright is gone and just gold pops out.

good advice: when painting with dark colors, base should be black and anything over it will pop out.

If it is completely dry, remove all the tape and remember the intricate detailed pin taping you did, find it and remove it.

Yes, of course it was hard taping it. Remember this is for people who cannot hand paint.

Pic 2: But look at picture 2, all that little tippity tape-ity pain in the but taping came out pretty good.

However, when I listened to the scope tell me how he wanted to be taped (LOL), I had no Idea it would come out looking like a pro-series steampunk. Not what I wanted but still looks nice.

Lets move on the pictures of our finished product.

Step 5: Finished, Unless You Want to See More Pics

Different angles of what it looks like all the way around.

Step 6: Sniper Barrel Extension

This is at the end because you already know how to custom paint the sniper extension (Same as the scope).

If you ever do make a custom sniper extension for your longshot, follow the steps for the scope trimming mod and painting mod.

Last notes: The view of any gun will be seen from all angles at any given time (T, S;L-R, B, F, B, D).


Side; left, right





Most people only show off their side view? I wonder why. Very few exhibit the bottom and top: Completed work.

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