Nerf Vulcan Mod




Introduction: Nerf Vulcan Mod

i took two 25 dart chains from a fully automatic nerf machine gun and made them into 1 50 dart chain

Step 1: Taking the Ends of the Chain Apart

for this step you need to take the ends of chain apart so you can put them together

take the ends and unscrew them take the whole end off of one of the two chains

if you didn't understand look at the pics

Step 2: Conneting the Chains

take one end with the four holes and cut the space between the middle two

put that hole over the bar shown in the second pic

put the cover over the bottom peace and screw it back together

and there you have it now you know how to make two 25 dart chains into one 50 dart chain

now rain havoc apon all who pass you'"



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    you all need to grow up. Get an airsoft gun and go with your friends. I promise you you will not need to mod those for more ammo or speed. Even at the lowest fps they cause hurt.

    7 replies

    Get a life man nerf is cheaper and the guns are a ton of fun to mod. Also you don't have to be as careful where you play it.

    Did you ever think that Airsoft may be another hobby of some Nerfers????
    I mean, c'mon, I do a lot of Nerf stuff, but I also like airsoft.
    I like both. Don't start this argument here though.
    Plus it is easier to see Nerf guns are fake even painted.

    Agreed, airsoft is better, but some people can't afford them or have parents that woulnt let them. At any rate, there's no reason to be nasty about it

    Who gives a rats @$$ about airsoft u cant use airsoft gun in a house you need a large playing field ammo amd lots of people too much work if u ask me this is a pick up and play system that works

    right but that blank is kinda bad cause thats what i put in first but 49 shots full auto is so cool nice mod but where is the rest of the mod ? you only tell how connect belts

    There were no dart chambers removed. A standard chain has 50 darts a two extra blanks at either end of the chain. He just connected two of those.

    he removed half a chamber on each chain,which half and half yes,it is 49(at least it looks like that on instructable).

    sorry I must not have been clear. the belt has 27 spots two of which are blanks to start and end the chain so his ending chain will be 53 spots holding 50 darts and three blanks

    no there is still one blank spot right in the middle of the belt