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In 2004 at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Bologna "Galante Garrone", following my passion for the theater and for masks, I had the opportunity to meet the teachers of the mask including Donato Sartori,son of Hamlet Sartori famous collaborator of the Teatro Piccolo in Milan in the reborn of Arlecchino.
I began to work the leather by myself for making leather masks on wooden form and this gave me the opportunity to immediately enter deep knowledge of the dynamics of physical and mechanical properties of the material. After obtaining a master wood according to the form that you prefer to realize according to the face that must wear, having carved on a wood not too soft, the mask is made with a piece of wet leather fixed with nails. The scalp is pulled and shaped to adhere as much as possible to the form so the leather is beaten with a horn hammer (you can also use the Teflon) peak first and then flat, through this process the leather adheres perfectly to the shape-matrix thins and exchanges with the wood to dry up the water. This process can take up to 8.7 hours straight since thè leather is completely dry Subsequently, the mask is polished finished and possibly painted with dyes appropriate,aniline or bitumen. Curiosity: In teatrical exercise this mask is called neutral mask and is used to act colours, animals and the four elements to study the characters, and when you put off the mask you can decide if your character is fire, cat and black or air, pink and a lullaby, and give him a poetical theatral body.



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    I am teacher and i use some neutral masks but yours are just amazing. Would it be possible to buy you somes?

    Kind Regards


    This is beautiful. How do you use the hammer? Do you strike softly? Did you start at the center?

    wow. Nice work. Do I understand correctly that you purchase the wooden form? Do you nail the leather before, or after hammering it to the form?

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    i have made the wooden form, and i nail before hammering

    i hope i can add a video as soon as possible to better explain

    I love this. I am a huge fan of leather and of masks.

    But. ... Those is not an instructable. Its better than some since it gives an overview.

    But it would be soooooo much better if you gave a step by step on how to actually do this

    Grande Idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    La mente è come il paracadute,funziona se si apre. A.E.

    The mask is beautiful. I would have loved to see how it was made. From making the mold to forming the leather.

    hi and thank you!

    i'm glad to share with you

    but i didn't understood what i have to change or add

    Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!