New Ball Machine Element, the Ball Hopper (test)



Introduction: New Ball Machine Element, the Ball Hopper (test)

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i don't know what else to name it, so i called it the ball hopper, it uses some pieces from the big air ball tower(i hate that thing, too much can, and does, go wrong)the long arm pieces for the ball arm in it, more pictures and a video of it will come, that is, when i use it in a ball machine and add the appropriate pathing. enjoy

in laughing sincerity,



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    Good idea here.... plenty of room for design tweeking.. We must explore this design further.... I like it...

    interesting thought, twas only a prototype though, the design wasn't perfect by any means, so please, take the concept, just please leave credit for the original idea

    what do you think my project should be called, it's small right now, i mean the one that doesn't use this element(i always like to consider suggestions for names, and modify the names to suit me)

    How about WEREWOLF or MIDNIGHT or FULL MOON. For some reason names involving werewolves got into my mind. :-P

    um, i HATE twilight(movie, i don't know about the book, bu i don't like romance novels in general) and no, werewolf thingies would have to go on the oroject, i would save those names for something like a rollercoaster, i was thinking project rollerthingy

    I also hate twilight. I was just giving ideas. How about BULL FROG. Then this element fits perfectly due to it's name being ball hopper.

    good point, but that will be saved for the ball machine with this element, I'm looking for a name for another one(i now can make a 4 foot tall ball machine by darthtrainman standards, which makes me quite content) it's featuring that new lift I made, y'know the one, mini chain ball lift(it's gonna turn out to be my exclusive lift now) and one new element(YAY!!!). (hopefully this is indented) rymndgeekyguy

    Ok. Darthtrainman's instructable is good but I'm sure you could try making it taller. Although it would be fun to see a ball machine that is longer than it is high. Good luck!

    200TH commentator, you've won the eternal place on my wall, i have recieved 200 comments, you are the 200th.

    it's not "in progress" at the moment, it hasn't been started, this is only a showcase of what i have made, other than that you can use it to your hearts content, but make sure to reference me in it(non-commercial share alike contract)