New Kind of Paracord Bracelet

Introduction: New Kind of Paracord Bracelet

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Hello everybody this is a new kind of paracord bracelet that I made.

gather the  materials

two 3 feet  pieces of paracord

one piece of thick wire cut to wrap around your arm and 2" extra 

gather the tools

pliers with cutters   



Step 1: Making the Braclet

step 2

Now take the wire that you cut and take the two pices of paracord and make a sqare knot around the wire like in picture.  Make sure to leave an inch or so on top. 

Then do the cobra weave around the wire all the way to the bottom and leave an inch extra.

Step 2: The End

step 3

Now take the extra wire left at the ends and bend them over like shown in picture.

Then bend that loop over on top of the paracord like in picture. 

Now cut the excess paracord off and melt the ends.

Now you are done, now put it on and go survive!

If you have any comments on how to make this paracord braclet better or this instructables better then please post.

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    Thanks for making the step by step! Vote!