News Paper Wall Decore



Introduction: News Paper Wall Decore

thiz iz inspiration here in instructables by litte grace she made wth book papers i used newspaper..,so a liitl try to make a wall decore hope u ppl like thiz
material i used is
1)newspaper cut into small peices abt  6 to 7 inches
2)white glue
3)some tree branches
4)colourd paper to make flowers n sparrows
5)thermocole sheet as a wreath
i am adding some photos thay r not enough to understand i know u peopl r genious n its esay too..
istly i cut the newspaper make cone shapes.
cut some flowers n leaves n sparrows to make it colourful,,
then paste cones on base i made double layer of cones..n when iis done jst adjust tree branches on side paste flowers leaves n sparrows..n sparay the edges..actully i 4gt thz step so i spary in the last bt it shud b done when cones r pasted..
bt v learn wth our faults
so do try it it luks cute on wall..thnx..

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