Nice Hanger for Pictures That Are Not to Big and Are Light!

well this instruct-able is on making pop can tops hang you pictures.
if your picture falls it is not my fault at all you tried the instruct-able.

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

-2,pop,soda,cola cans....
-a drill or to cut a hole.....drill bits from 1/16 to a max of 3/32
-some hands to bend the pop tops

Step 2: Bending

start by bending the pop top. see picture

Step 3: Drill

drill the hole. see the pic below.
btw it is hard to take a pic of the pop top already bent and drilled but it is suppose to be bent to.

Step 4: Some Other Stuff You Can Do

you can glue the 2 pop can tops together but i did not do this.
fluffy likes the other options don't you.

Step 5: Done Now You Can Hang You Picures

sorry for picks i took with my phone. that all i have.



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