Nice Minecraft Hill House

a nice mine craft house on a hill

Step 1: Frame, Walls and Roof

The frame should be four pillars (3 blocks and 4 blocks tall) three blocks apart from each other then copied three blocks to the side. The walls should have cobble stone around the bottom and the rest should be filled in with wool. the roof well should look like the pictures it would be kind of hard to explain. It also should have a over hang.

Step 2: Windows, Doors and Floors

The windows will need to be put in the middle of the walls and should go from the cobble to the roof. The floor inside should cover up the cobble stone around the edges and should go up by half slabs. And the doors well should look like the doors in the pictures. i am sorry most of pictures are at night.

Step 3: Inside and Decorations

While decorating you can perhaps put a furnace with a chimney or a bed or maybe a desk its up to you to decide. You can also add some cobwebs to look like smoke from the chimney.

Step 4: Finished

Now your ready to enjoy you hill house and be safe from all the monsters of the night.



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