Knex Ninja Blade

Introduction: Knex Ninja Blade

all i can say is....CRAZY SPINNING NINJA BLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Step 1: The Blade

follow the picture for the blade!

Step 2: The Motor

put a gray rod through the motor, then put a tan piece in between the 4 points on the motor.

Step 3: Silvers

put 7 silver spacers on the gray rod

Step 4: The Blade...goes On

put the blade on top of the 7 spacers on the rod.

Step 5: More Spacers and a Tan Piece

put 7 silver spacers and 2 blue spacers on the rod after the blade.then add a tan piece at the tip

Step 6: Finished!!!!!!!

this is what it should look like. make sure the tan piece at the back of the motor is very tight in or it will not spin!(if it is still not working give it a starting push and that will do it)

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